Thursday, October 22, 2015

August is zooming by!

 Wow!  How time has flown!  Seems spring was just here, and now we are winding down to the last of the free summer days of no school, shorts and sandals.  These last few weeks are the perfect time to work on a home project so we will be all ready for the holidays!  Harry  and Annies is the perfect place to begin getting ready!  From home decor to home lighting, you never know what you will find as you explore every nook and cranny of the store.  Today is all about that glass! 

Antique barware, vintage lighting, and wonderful picture frames all are just begging to go home with you as you begin the preparations for a long and cozy winter~

Let's talk a bit about caring for your vintage glass

Cleaning & Caring for Vintage Glass
  • Use mild soap when washing old glassware, never use bleach.
  • Line your sink with a towel when washing vintage glass, to avoid breakage.
  • Wash glass items one at a time to avoid clanging, chips and cracks.
  • Avoid lemon products as they can etch your glass.
  • Clean larger pieces (such as punch bowls) on a flat surface like the countertop.
  • Use LUKEWARM water only, and allow glass to come to room temperature before washing.  Big changes in temperature can cause glass to crack.
  • Use soft lint-free cloth, and let glassware air-dry if possible.
  • NEVER wash your antique glassware in a dishwasher.  
  • Keep antique glassware out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme  temperature changes during storage. 

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