Wednesday, June 24, 2015

March Madness

So it's Ohio, and we're still socked into this cold yuckiness.  A perfect time to be indoors and admiring our pretties with a lovely cup of hot tea!  You just picked up a vintage set of china at Harry & Annies and now you want to know how to care for it you say?  Yay you!  What a great way to give instant warm and loving ambiance to any occasion!  Lets explore how to keep those treasures in great shape!

One of our vendors, Kari, used to work in the china department at Marshall Fields and this is how the china companies advised her on how to care for their patterns new and old.  Please keep in mind, each piece of antique china is unique, and may be more fragile than it looks.  Use your own best judgement as to whether or not these are the right steps for yours.  

1.  Don't use the dishwasher on anything made before 1960. The water is too hot, and detergent too strong.
2.  Use a gentle detergent. Dawn or Ivory are your best bet.
3.  Don't use boiling hot water. Warm is best. Too hot of water can lift gold or silver bands when touched.
4.  Avoid cleaners with bleach.
5.  Avoid lemon detergents too as they contain acid.
6.  Do you have a piece that needs a bit of scrubbing? Try a paste of baking soda- it won't harm the finish!

*Antique china should never be used in the microwave!

Stay tuned on our next post- we'll tell you how to take care of dark crazed spots on your china!

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